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Metastate is a virtual world that brings people together from anywhere & they can level up their collaboration. Metastate offers more effective & intuitive interaction than in real life in a multiplayer virtual world where you can meet, learn & can work together.

The future of working, learning, and meeting is in Metastate.

Remote work is supposed to be liberating, not exhausting. Video chat and other tools leave us out of touch and craving social interaction.

You can perform tasks that are impossible to do by using traditional collaboration. You can hold meetings, attend classes & services for your entire remote workforce. Metastate brings future of learning, discussion, working  & remote work is supposed to be liberating in 3D world.

Metastate Builds virtual 3D Worlds to level up collaboration for

Remote Work

Everything your company needs to operate fully remotely.

Remote Learning

Create an engaging, immersive space for your students.

Virtual Events

A virtual experience that's actually worth the ticket.

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Hundreds of organizations are building their remote future in Metaverse.

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