Meetings with Super Powers


  • Use a tablet to access tools with ease
  • Extract files from the tablet into 3D
  • Place objects in mid-air and make them disappear by throwing them away
  • Switch seats and workspaces in a matter of a second


  • Take advantage of infinte whiteboards and space
  • Keep the content persistent. Get back to your brainstorming sessions or invite others to collaborate
  • Use sticky notes, as many as you want. Create them by typing or simply dictating (speech-to-text)
  • Create 3Dimensional mind maps using media files of various formats (images, videos, PDFs)


  • Choose a workspace which fits your meeting needs
  • Each room is designed for specific meeting types
  • Create as many instances of the same room type as you want (f.x. 10 discussion rooms & 3 brainstorming rooms)
  • Enjoy beautiful room designs and inspiring sceneries

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